Saturday, June 22, 2013

MOVING!! New adventure..

This blog is MOVING to

Please come a follow me there!! :) I'm no longer going to post on here. Thanks ya'll!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weigh-in (a day late)

So, I didn't weigh in last week because I had a bad week and I didn't want the scale to bring me down. Myself and I had a talk after that and I realized that I was not going to stick to this weight loss journey if I didn't get back to the gym. The gym is great motivation for me and it really helps me focus and is great stress relief. The only thing is TIME. My time is super limited with work, grad school, dinner, bedtime etc. I decided though that it was worth it to add another thing to my plate because I really need to keep going and getting healthier. Madison loves the gym play room and there was a day I didn't really want to go because it had been a long day, but she was upset when I said we weren't going so I went anyway.... guess she is going to be extra motivation too ;) I have been to the gym every day and even on the weekends except for today. I think I have decided that Sundays (unless I do Zumba) and Wednesdays are going to be my rest days. This gives me a little break during the week and on on the weekend.

This week's weight loss was good, but I'm still stuck on that low 240's and am SO ready to break into the 230's... hopefully next week... no, forget hopefully, i WILL be in the 230's next week ;)

2/5/13: 241.2lbs.